Timeica & Marcus became married on June 20, 2020 but stay tuned for the 2021 full ceremony!

Timeica & Marcus

Date To Be AnnouncedChicago, IL

The Wedding

Date To Be Announced
Marcus and Timeica will get married in a private ceremony on June 20, 2020 at 2pm. Viewing Options www.SaintSabina.org www.facebook.com/timeica (Live) www.facebook.com/marcgmann (Live) Stay tuned for more information regarding our wedding celebration in 2021!
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The Proposal
Sunday, April 7, 2019
Saint Sabina Church
The Wedding Party

Timeica - Bride
Monee - Maid of Honor

Monee has been my Bestie since 4th grade and takes her Bestie position very seriously. She is an actress and rapper living in NYC with my godson.

Jasmin - Maid of Honor

Jas has been my "Sissy Poo" since 7th grade. She's the person I go to when I need to laugh or cry, and encourages me to do both.

Erica - Matron of Honor

E has been my big sister since we taught 3rd grade together in 2011. She's the only person I know who's as introverted as me.

Jerisha - Bridesmaid

Jerisha is my baby sister and spoiled in every way. She's my travel buddy and forces me to turn up.

Mary - Bridesmaid

Mary is my little sister and the funniest person I know. She tries to get on my nerves on purpose. She's the owner of Pretty Waves Boutique in St. Paul, MN.

Alante - Bridesmaid

Tay and I have been friends since 4th grade. She keeps my secrets and gives the best advice.

Alicia - Bridesmaid

Le-Le and I have been friends since 4th grade. She is an amazing working mother of two sons and the epitome of a sweetheart.

Claudia - Bridesmaid

Claudia and Marcus are not only best friends, but family since forever.

Evelyn - Bridesmaid

Evy is one of my closest friends from college. She is really thoughtful and incredibly smart. Her favorite hobby is teaching pole classes in Philly.

Janelle - Bridesmaid

Dr. Janelle and I became friends freshman year at Yale. She graciously responds to my texts every time I have a random medical question, and laughs at all my jokes.

Karin - Bridesmaid

Karin met Marcus their senior year in high school. Karin is responsible for Marcus coming to teach at LEARN Romano Butler where she, too, met Timeica.

Lusdymer - Bridesmaid

Lusdy is the tall, Brooklyn-born, Dominican version of me. She is my best friend from Yale and teaches elementary school in New York.

Mariam - Bridesmaid

Mariam and I became fast friends freshman year at Yale. She always has my back, but still calls me out when I'm doing too much.

Shymika - Bridesmaid

Shymika is my first cousin, but more like a third sister. She's a Youth Specialist for the State of Missouri Division of Youth Services and has a beautiful daughter named Demariyah.

Amari - Duchess

Amari is a freshman at Northern Illinois University. She played basketball throughout middle and high school. She also loves taking naps.

Amaya - Duchess

Amaya is a freshman at Howard University studying chemistry. She was a majorette throughout high school, and was Captain of the team senior year. She wants to become a pharmacologist.

Ch'Kyiah - Duchess

Ch'Kyiah is Marcus's goddaughter, Est. May 26, 2006. She is the owner of First Klass Lashes online store and a call center agent . She is the proud mother of Kaitlyn Mae.

Chloe - Duchess

Chloe is a freshman in college studying kinesiology. She enjoys playing rugby and is the most laid-back of our children.

Jerricka - Duchess

Jerricka is a soldier in the U.S. Army. Jerricka and her husband have a beautiful baby girl named Aubrey Macaire.

Michaela - Duchess

KayKay is a junior in high school. She was in the very first class I taught and is my first child. She wants to attend Yale in hopes of becoming a teacher.

Kailey - Flower Girl

Kailey is Marcus's goddaughter, Est. September 30, 2012. Kailey is in the 2nd grade. She is an avid swimmer and loves math.

Phoenix - Flower Girl

Nixy is my youngest niece. She enjoys watching Trolls and swimming.

Demetria - Usher

Meech is my little cousin. She lives in Atlanta and loves makeup.

Na'Cara - Usher

Na'Cara is Marcus's cousin. She is a Junior Redbird at Illinois State University. She is majoring in English.

Khalia - Usher

Khalia is my little cousin. She's a junior in high school. She is a star track athlete who hopes to attend NYU.

Marcus - Groom
Scott - Best Man

Scott and I are a part of the 4 Horsemen and we've been rolling since freshman year of high school. This old guy is my travel buddy and roll dog. #leo #horsemen

Mack - Best Man

The President and I met in youth ministry at St. Sabina and became friends after I returned to Chicago. We later became co-owners of M28 Photography. We are each other's right hand man. #sabina #m28

Joseph - Best Man

Joseph and I met and became friends at UNLV my sophomore year. We have been roommates, co-workers and now family. I also call him Oliver Pope, the fixer. We have each other's back 100 percent. #vegas #unlv

Ashton - Groomsman

Ashton is my Tr3, my brother from my Alpha line of U.S.S. Rambunctious. He also played the piano while I sung to Timeica at the proposal. #aphia #ussrambunctious

Dar'Tavous - Groomsman

Dart is my D2euce, my brother from my Alpha line of U.S.S. Rambunctious. We both strive to build up and care for our young people. #aphia #ussrambunctious

Jerome - Groomsman

Jerome is my H6x, my brother from my Alpha line of U.S.S. Rambunctious. We actually met through mutual friends a long time ago and wound up crossing together. #aphia #ussrambunctious

Kendale - Groomsman

KD is my Ace, my brother from my Alpha line of U.S.S. Rambunctious. KD gets hyped with me when it's time to stroll. #aphia #ussrambunctious

Kevin - Groomsman

If Timeica was Obama, Kevin would be Biden. He's her smartest friend and trusted adviser. #yale

Lewis - Groomsman

Lew is my Anch, my brother from my Alpha line of U.S.S. Rambunctious. Anch holds me accountable for staying fit. lol. #aphia #ussrambunctious

Marcus - Groomsman

Dade and I are a part of the 4 Horsemen and we've been rolling since freshman year of high school. My brother from another mother, always there in the clutch. #leo #horsemen

Marvin - Groomsman

Marvin is my big brother. He always has my back and I know when I'm in ATL, he's got me. I'm forever grateful to have my big brother. #bloodbrothers

Nathaniel - Groomsman

Bucky and I met while working at UNLV's Upward Bound. We had an Illinoian connection. We became friends and then family. #unlv #illinois

Ronald - Groomsman

Ron and I met working at WIC Food Center while in high school. We remained friends, even after he lived in 6 different states after high school. #wic

Ryan - Groomsman

Ryan is my Cinq, my brother from my Alpha line of U.S.S. Rambunctious. Ryan is a huge supporter and held me up during Alpha. #aphia #ussrambunctious

Amarion - Duke

Amarion is in the 8th grade. He plays both football and basketball.

Avontay - Duke

Avontay is in the 5th grade. He loves playing video games, being a jokester and dancing.

Caden - Duke

Caden is my godson, Est. March 15, 2008. Caden has played many sports including wrestling, basketball, football, track and baseball. Baseball is his favorite.

Dameko - Duke

Dameko is currently a sophomore in high school. He loves basketball and math.

Davon - Duke

Davon is a senior in high school. He is a lover of basketball and fashion. He currently has a clothing line named Legendary Kid.

Isaiah Jeremiah - Duke

Isaiah is a senior in high school. He enjoys making music and photography.

Isaiah Pablo - Duke

Isaiah Pablo is an electronics technician in the United States Navy. He plays the tuba and is a lover of banda and corridos music.

Jermaine - Duke

Jermaine is a senior in high school. Jermaine is a photographer who also has a love for basketball and music. He has begun his photography venture as Free Spirit Vision.

Josiah - Duke

Josiah is in the 5th grade. He loves to watch and play football and play the drums.

Lauren - Duke

Lauren is Timeica's godson. He's in fifth grade and enjoys playing Fortnite.

Micah - Duke

Micah is a sophomore at DePaul University School of Music, studying Jazz. He is a phenomenal and well-known upright bass player.

Michael - Duke

Michael is a Freshman majoring in Computer Science at Illinois State University. Michael is an all around athlete and is enlisted in the National Guard. Michael is also an affiliate marketer aka future millionaire.

VinQuan - Duke

VinQuan is a recent graduate of Phoenix Military Academy.

Zion - Duke

Zion is a senior in high school. He is our renaissance man who enjoys photography and is also a waveologist.

Tremaine - Ring Bearer

Trey is in 4th grade. He loves to dance and sing. Look out, he may steal our shine at the reception.

Jaden - Usher

Jaden is a senior in high school. He is currently in a dual enrollment program and will graduate with a high school diploma and an associate's degree. He is in the Kappa League and Upward Bound.